IRS Notices

Customers may return to your office location with an IRS notice.  Please take the time to review the notice and reach out to a member of leadership for help.  There are MANY different IRS notices out there!  Reading through the letter you will be told exactly what the IRS is requesting.  Please keep copies of any notice you receive and scan to the customers tax return.  It is important to keep a paper trail.  

Also, scammers are sending out FAKE IRS letters!  Know how to spot a fake!  When in doubt call the IRS with your customer and ask an agent.

**Graphic courtesy of CPAacademy**
Watch for a few indicators that the notice is fake such as sending a payment to "I.R.S." rather than "Department of the Treasury."  The IRS also does not print a "." when abbreviating their department.

The address is also incorrect but that can easily be overlooked.  

Just remember when in doubt ask for help or call the IRS at 800-234-1040 to ask an agent about the letter with your client.