Identity Theft

Identity theft is on the rise. Many of our customers will experience the frustration and delays caused by the crime. Resolving an identity theft with the IRS or the State of Georgia is still a long, drawn out process.

We will perform ID Theft assistance at no charge for clients who have filed their 2013 tax return with us. Clients who discover ID theft when filing their own returns or through another preparer will pay a fee of $50 in order for us to begin the process. Generally tax payers discover ID Theft when their return rejects because a return has already been filed using their social Security Number (either as primary or as a dependent). If we did not prepare the original return, we will have to re-prepare the return in our system in order for it to process as a paper return. 

The client must pay their fees up front or must use a PAPER AR in combination with the STATE AR in order for us to have our fees paid for these returns. Please do not make the mistake of converting the RETURN to PAP (paper) instead of PAPER AR. 

Fill out the forms online, then print so the client can sign. Neatness counts with the IRS, they will process typed forms before handwritten ones!


Forms to Submit 
2) Paper 1040 PAID for with Cash , Credit, Debit 
    a) all Income Docs with Federal Withholding
    b) Verify Signatures of TP, Spouse and Preparer (PTIN also)
 Additional Information needed:
 1) Copy of Valid Driver's License or Social Security Card

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