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 D&M Local Procedures          

·        Customer leaves with ONLY with their Receipt, Customer Letter and a “Next Steps Letter” (in a red client envelope).

·        AR clients can pick up their client packets when they pick up their checks.

·        ARs with DD and ETR’s can pick up their packets at their convenience when their refund hits.

·        Write Sign and Save on the Office Envelope (Right side and make it Large)

·        Staple a “Sign & Save” business card to the folder.

·        Keep client packet with “O” receipt in office envelope. File “B” and “H” copies.

·        The “Next Steps” Letter includes a “Fast Pass” Please tell the client to make sure to bring this in so they will not have to wait to have us verify their W-2 and pick up their paperwork.

·        File these returns in the “Sign & Save” drawer.

·        Once W-2 is verified (Tena will email you a list each day of the ones she processes, the file moves to your normal waiting for acknowledgement file drawer.

·        Once accepted…treat as usual per disbursement method. We will hold Direct Deposits AR’s with the other AR’s until we see they have been funded. Then, file funded Direct Deposits in main filing cabinet.

·        Checks – Client verifies identity with a government issued ID, signs as usual and is given their return paperwork and check at the same time.

·         When we print checks, call all clients including Direct Deposit and make them aware their Deposit should be available pending any delay by their bank (usually no more than 48 hours. 

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Jan 9, 2013, 11:52 PM